Hi there! I’m Taylor, and I’m glad you stopped by! I’m a surface pattern designer, illustrator, and lover of color, design, and pretty products.

I’m originally from Alabama, but now live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, daughter and goldendoodle.

My love of color, fun and quirky design elements, and balance helps me to create cohesive pattern and illustration collections that I want to share with the world! I would say that my style is cutesy, colorful, and fun. I love to try to merge hand-drawn quirky illustrations together with more vintage-inspired shapes and colors. I'm inspired by nature, vintage design, and artists like William Morris and Charley Harper. I think the best way to live is by being inspired by the so-called “mundane” world around us. Think of life as a new adventure every day, and you’ll never get bored!

After working in the media world of advertising after college, I realized that I desperately needed more creativity in my life. I'm a self-taught artist with a deep love of learning and growing. I want to share my passion for design and make others feel happy with my patterns and illustrations. Creating art makes me so very happy, and I can't imagine living life without it!

I have some of my work featured on my site, but if you would like to see my full gallery, please contact my art agent Mary Beth Freet at Pinklight Studio You can also contact me with any commission or freelance opportunities, to ask questions, or just to say hi! I love receiving emails, and will do my best to respond quickly.