It's been awhile...

Oh hey.

It's been awhile. 

I've been neglecting my blog for the past few months, but it's not because I haven't been busy. I've been gathering all of my designs together, categorizing them, creating mockup lookbooks, and really trying to get my work out there to potential manufacturers. It's been a long process, but now I feel very organized and ready to work with different companies. I've also revamped my portfolio on my website and added a password-protected section that shows all of my work so far. Now I'm working on a newsletter, so hopefully I'll have that started up soon!

I still want to do my weekly inspiration boards on here, especially for the holidays, so I'm going to start back doing that next Monday!

I've been getting a good amount of business in my Spoonflower shop, so I've added some fun new holiday patterns for fabric and wrapping paper. Here are some examples:


I want to start blogging more behind-the-scenes/real-life stuff on here as well. Although my main focus is graphic design and illustration, I really enjoy being able to open up on here and share about my life. I think that's a really authentic way to grow my brand and my business to more than just design. I really want to inspire others, but also show the real, raw, hard stuff that goes on in life. I find other creatives who do this to be very inspirational (not to mention successful!) 

So be prepared for way more activity on my blog in the future! 


For today, I have some photos from our Thanksgiving trip to Bend, OR. We stayed in a cozy cabin, ate LOTS of food, and did some Christmas shopping from local boutiques in downtown Bend. I even got to meet the oh-so-talented Katie Daisy and buy a gorgeous art print from her! We also did some hiking and I got some amazing photos of the mountains and waterfalls in Bend and Sisters. Those cities are beyond beautiful, and I can't wait to hopefully go back next summer so we can explore even more!


We're going to Israel!

We're going to Israel! read that title correctly! We're going to Israel! Matt (my husband, if you don't know!) has to go to Tel Aviv to work for a little while, so we're making a little vacation out of it! We're staying in a totally awesome hotel (reeeally close to the beach) and we'll be just under an hour outside of Jerusalem. This is truly a dream trip, and Israel is a place we've always wanted to go to, so we're really grateful that we are going to be able to check it out!

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