Summer School Brief #2 Patterns


This week marked the final week of Make It In Design's Summer School 2016. I submitted my final patterns for the second round of briefs, and wanted to share the sketches and patterns with you today!


This brief was a lot of fun to work on. You know I love working on abstract patterns, getting to mess around with paintbrushes, markers, and other objects to create fun textures. It took awhile, but I managed to get a ton of hand marks to fit together in this pattern, and I'm in love with the way it turned out!


This was also very fun to work on! I love creating "boho" designs, filled with embroidery, tile, and folk-inspired motifs. I wanted to give this pattern a bit of a quilt-like look, and I'm happy with the results-especially the pretty color palette!

I created another version for this brief, but my computer couldn't handle the amount of vectorizing and clipping masks that I applied, so I wasn't able to make this one repeat. I love this version and the texture it has:



All three of these briefs were so much fun to work with! I love the tropical trend that's been so popular this summer, so I wanted my advanced pattern to have a tropical vibe. I love the colors I used, as well as the palm branch motifs! I think this would be super cute on a swimsuit or beach towel!


That's it for the Summer School briefs! I had SO much fun working on them, and now I have some new awesome patterns for my portfolio!