Succulents and Cacti

Whoa. This is my second blog post in two days. What's up with me this week? Apparently, I just want to get some thoughts out there. Last night, while drinking some wine and sketching (and watching Modern Family, of course) I started drawing some fun succulents and cacti. I have the opposite of a green thumb...I always end up killing any plant I own, but I had a couple of succulents last year, and they actually lived for awhile. I think I want to make a cute little indoor succulent/cactus garden to strengthen my "gardening" skillz. I think that would be a fun little fall hobby.

Anyway, I'm always pinning pictures of cute succulents, so I threw together a little moodboard to pull colors from for my designs. Enjoy!

I made the design in a few different colorways:

I'm thinking about putting this design (or variations of the different motifs) on items in my Society 6 and Zazzle shops, so stay tuned for that!