Trend Monday: Plaid

Hello and Happy Monday! 

I've decided that I need some consistency on this here blog, so I'm making "Trend Monday" a thing! I have this strange obsession with creating moodboards...I guess I just like looking at pretty products and putting them together in a pretty I'm going to be posting a trend moodboard every Monday! These moodboards can be great for inspiring myself (or anyone else) to create new designs and collections centered around certain popular trends. These are just trends I've noticed on Pinterest and other sites, as well as trends that I just enjoy myself. I hope these bring you as much inspiration as they do for me!

This week's trend is PLAID. I (like most other normal human beings) am in love with plaid. I love wearing it, I love my husband wearing it, I love decorating with it, I love looking at it. My favorite is the red and black "buffalo" plaid. It just makes me want to stay in a cozy cabin, make a campfire, and sing campfire songs (or something cheesy like that.) It gets me in the mood for the best time of the year (in my opinion): FALL. are some plaid products that I looooove lately:

Annnnnd here is my very first try at a plaid design!