3.21.16 Favorites

Happy Spring! It's finally spring, even if it doesn't look like it outside :( 

I'm excited for Easter...this is one of my favorite holidays, especially because of the true meaning. I love this time of year, meditating on Jesus, his parables, and the ultimate sacrifice he paid for us and our sins. I also love the blossoming of flowers, the long-awaited sight of the sun (which seems to be shy today..) and the fresh feeling of rebirth everywhere. Spring is such a calm, happy time. 

I finally picked up Katie Daisy's How to Be a Wildflower book at Anthro this weekend (btw Portland's new Anthropologie is AHHMAZING. There are TWO FLOORS and they have tons of stuff I've never seen in an Anthro store before. Like for real...go check that store out if you're in the area.) Anyway, I bought Katie's book and I'm in love with it. The illustrations are gorgeous, and it's just a fun, inspirational book to keep on your desk.

I'm also obsessed with Voluspa candles at the moment. I bought two new ones at Anthro this weekend as well. I'm in love with the goji tarocco orange scent, and the jars the candles come in are freaking beautiful. I think I've found my new favorite candle line (Wow...I sound like such an exciting person haha)

Last, but not least, Matt and I are planning on making some of the metallic tattoo covered Easter eggs this year. I bought some white plastic eggs, and I have tons of Printed Village metallic tattoos that I received as a runner-up prize, so I can't wait to use those on the eggs! (Again...I sound like such an exciting person.) Anyway, I'll post some pics of them if they turn out cute.

That's all for now!