greeting card

mid-century modern christmas

Well, it looks like I've found my latest design obsession. While I'm not a huge fan of mid-century modern furniture, I'm in love with these greeting cards! The colors are so vibrant, quirky, vintage-yet-modern, and just fun! I found these on Pinterest; most had already been sold on Ebay, unfortunately. 

These colors would make a great palette for a different take on decorating a Christmas tree. Just imagine a tree decked out in lime green, hot pink, red, and modern shapes. This is a trend I might have to get into when we decorate for Christmas; (I'm TRYING my best to wait until after Thanksgiving, but the southern girl in me wants to break out ALL the Christmas decorations and spend a ton at Homegoods...that's another post for another day.) 

These cards just reinforce my love of vintage design. You just don't see art like this anymore.